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Catham Joker
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Catham Joker
2023 06 30,
its so hard to choose which ones to use first and where , these arent inserted yet but in the folder and certainly will be

Save your breath ... you killled all your chances when you killed the last cat.

YES INDEED, and I BET thats why they call it "a catwalk" ...
i never "trained" them, theyre not dogs, they just went (all five in the beginning) or maybe i went with them. Its a form of mutual trust and respect i have never shared with any other carbonbased intelligence in this body's lifetime. Theres nothing to explain, none of the other cats before were like that either. Must be a mutation (or posession ? or ... ALIENS ! everyones favourite)
whatever , you made sure its all gone fucked and impossible to reach anything now
it would be awfully kind if after all that wreckage you could leave me alone instead of making it even worse every single fucking time.

2023 06 29,

added 3 more fotos id like to use in a different kind of object/effect type
"before 2023 06 29" used
These are the fotos used so far in the "demo" to be the last one made with AGK ...
pictures of the living, memories of the dead
i still suspect poison, the way it happened for both ... in een gat

et al .. im kinda busy, theres 22 so far used but i have 240 from the selection i wanna cram inthere

i will never forgive you for taking them away, YOU with a dog-on-a-leash who thinks "THAT IS LOVE" - you dont understand respect but you speak of love
Here i am,
stuck in een gat ... my worst nigthmare always was "to be stuck in belgium past 40" the only thing that scared me. I have been living hell for years now. In een gat, het gatste gat in gatland which i hate since i was 15 , manipulated, all exits blocked. No way out for this lifetime, no cats left to bring joy to my heart. Overal waar ik kijk zie ik mensen, man. I open the door im breathing someones air. Humans, cars and dogs , fucking shithole.

one does not simply preview a demo - but its not a demo, its a substitute because im not an arab shech and i cant afford to build a real pyramid
Spirits of freedom up until the very last breath ... in een gat called salems lot where they still burn witches at the stake ... i hope the rats swarm you now you removed all the strays for your dog-people . Worst of all with the dead-end now being a highway-bypass i cant even go to the shelter and get one from death row, i just cant justify it living HERE anymore.
fuck this hole, fuck this country, Prigozhin, next time march on and dump a nuke on brussels, yes ? that should be enough to wipe the whole place.
mmm, before you start with fake accusations and forged testimonies again in een gat bij je moeder : i would never stoop to "poisoning your dog", im not a mundane psychopath like you who emulates emotion past the age of 8 and believes they're real.
but im sure you'll have a lot to say about me nonetheless, salems lot is salems lot, no matter where you go.
fuck it
I lost a lot of footage when that wd "24/7 security oriented" drive crashed after 15cm of newton ... dont have money to have it fixed, and it wont if i do myself, i dont have a donor drive either - mostly 100s of mb of video (which happen to contain the purring sounds)
but i actually have 240 fotos selected i want to get inthere somehow
and after this i am 0% of your world and -10% below kelvus interested in your bullshit , no matter what you try

so do the illegal soviet spycams here show all THIS ? kozzen gatpolis ? gatvolk ? je weet wel wie je bent
a sure, "there are no cameras, right ? posers and smartphones everywhere, do you take me for one of you or what ? your estimate seems a bit low sometimes
and its okay to do that ?
is it ?
even if you're kozzen gatpolis ? is it ?
in een gat, in een soviet gatland ? is it?
Havent found any vids xept three and just that one folder happened to be on "only one drive at once" ... (i lost everything to microsoft once and another to google so i dont do cloud anymore, they seem to decide what you get to with your data)
so i saw the concept of "wild" got extended to "i pour a drink in two glasses and record it" and since this temple, monument is gonna take anywhere between months and a year (assuming i dont sink in a three times a day sleepcycle after the last two months ... in een gat) i decided to do a wild demo first with the last vids i could find ... credits in description
i dont care gatvolk, if you have anything to say you could always try
saying it to my face(a revolutionary concept) i never wanted to be here in the first place, now this hole took everything and it looks quite certain that i am gonna die and rot here too
so FUCK YOU ...
also : if you use chrome by alphabet the playlist for youtube by alphabet might show last months version

Well, dearie ... as i said, im not a mundane psychopath like you and my emotions arent emulated and turn back the moment the other side turns their back. 20 years is more than your smartphone-stalking shitlings have lived and
with a bit of luck the way the world seems to be going, more than the time it will take before you're all collectively put out of your misery and i dont even have to do a dam'n thing to push it for or back. Physics, Thermodynamics, supply, demand and human behaviour are 90% sure to do that for me so ... i already decided to die alone and i dont need humans around me, i dont WANT humans around me, which in this hole is a huge problem.
so forget about it, fuck it, leave it and "something i cant say online"
july 14th already, in a body with a brain to who every day is yesterday , at least half of it in 3d surround theres no such thing as "that happened THAT year" ... tho i probably wont forget 2006, 2005 and .. 2023, the year of shyte in GAT
Larmes, lacrima, lacrimosa
I dont want these tears to stop from falling
If only one they prove im still alive, the only thing that does
but i dont WANt to stop missing them, they were the very last thing, he was the last one of his kind
even from a biased perspective after having had the pleasure of deserving the respect of so many before
not like dogs, who you can kick down the stairs and they'll come slobbering after 15000 years of genetic muting
the easy way to feel loved
I dont wanna, until we meet up again ? In Folk Vangr, not the other where the barbrawlers reside (i think its a training ground for those here, or was, wouldnt know today butt i bet EENS EEN GAT ALTIJD EEN GAT)
even if for a brief breath before ragnarok, the inevitable end from which all timelines grow back into the past until they are unraveled
end, DEATH
the only certainty in life
everything else is a question mark
such a lie you live,
human ...
but you want to, dont you?
what makes you think you earned the right to tell ME what I want then ? Wether they be from pakiganistan or EurAmerica hell even china, russia or korea we make no pacts with terrorists
humans and human a.i. turn back here, you are not allowed