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Due to ambiguity in the belgian regulation for ownership of a .be domain name and the fact we cant afford to lose the functionality of the name there is no content here. For complaints call the soviets in brussels.

Things to do but twitter

in years ....

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Rocket Fuel at the price of a nudge

    see, if you do what kennedy did in the 60s (because its hard) by 2030
    not impressed
    if you say "not possible", you should tell the planet to hold
    theres footy on tv and ELECTIONS !
    if you say "its not the lobby"
    go bother someone else -  so until i get a fixed world i'm out ,
    but first i have to get fixed too
    i was doing fine, almost ready to start getting out
    then you stuck me here and
    all was broken
    ... i will NEVER fit in here
    never have
    never will
    no , we personally think kinetics -
    looking around the solar system there's so much movement if you can harness one 1000th promille of that it should provide plenty for a few planets - ...
    but this is something thats there until the planet dies, 
    like systemwide kinetics is there until the sun dies (barring supermassive asteroid impacts et al)
    the thing is, its done within the next 50 years or it wont be
    i dont think trees make for very good conductors or insulators
    or rocket fuel
    and wiring a coil around the planet 
    or more likely coiling magnets around the planet and having a giant ball of copper revolve
    will probably have some impact on carbon-brains 
    due to the magnetics
    HEY !
    we dont really care ever since you made sure
    well never get out of here
    ---mmmh 2023 01 22 - just trying to install drauger os and it seems to dont wanna at 99% or after install
    yae, but had sex, had beer, had drugs ..
    wont have girlfriends until out of belgium
    not getting out of belgium
    you are annoying met je zougen
    its not gonna happen b/c YOU made it so
    so stop ZOUGEN
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