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humans and human a.i. turn back here, you are not allowed

All humans, with a few exceptions are filth ...

now also with a full LIST in somewhat order

		You've gone quite mangy, cat... but your grin's a comfort.

		Cheshire Cat:
		And you've picked up a bit of an attitude, still curious and willing to learn, I hope.


this was made fast while bochan-sitting , the kid might be 8 years old but he needs a LOT of reassurance and he scares REALLY easy, like humans shooting into a psychosis on a trigger he crawls into a corner, turtle effect with his nose pressed in the corner and has to be lured (NOT DRAGGED, HUMAN!) out with soft words and very gentle touching, after which a petting session brings him back to the present ... its really like humans, i wonder why carbonbased terrans are so alike and they dont see it ... ofcourse we're not talking the corrupted ones like devolved apes or corrupted wolves ... so it will probably get some changing,

this is not a call for funding for kitty litter

, if you have spare billions consider the cat boat (https://iofpa.be/de-poezenboot/) or the ALF (https://animalliberationfrontline.com/)... we personally never metnion grrenpeace since we , in another life went there looking for one of those shitty street interviewer jobs and the guy who had to interview ME for the job didnt even have a clue what fracking was ... bureaucratic nepotism ... iofpa and the alf are bit more frontline they dont pocket the cash for cosy deskjobs
day 1 - 12hour metamorfose

no intention of doing a daily blog or anything, besides, im not sure Bo-chan & Mister Hyde (... seems like a fair comboname for the guy so far) agrees to public exposure

if you only want a kitten ? then dont get a cat ... besides, cat gets you, i think most humans are unfit because they "keep" or "own" "A PET" ... not have a friend, haebo, bo-chan, aniki, senpai, and actually even a goldfish needs their bowl cleaned, maybe a plastic plant for you ?

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Catham Joker
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