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  1. 100 shootings-a-day :: controversy , the americans have lost it, theyre slowly turning into belgium-with-nukes. REMEMBER ROME
  2. 20230110 - oh, THEM again ? ... quit trying to understand what you cant the observation is a violation and it shows us things, so JUST STOP
  3. 20230110 - stardate 1673345366 - captains log - take an earthweek to rebalance and see how far it stands from straight - getting quite tired of ppl like warren buffet and indian nouveau riche telling everyone why they are poor and how you can avoid not getting rich. Im sure they talk to humans with a six figure balance b/c if they were talking to down-below it would be downright offensive to hear that on the daily from someone who is born in a bank or a kid who writes a messenger app in the bedroom in disneyland b/c he cant even talk straight to his own family. Never seen a ghetto , favella and probably not even actual suburbs (or perhaps a real city) up close ... it should be aggravating but we can keep the flat state a lot better lately. Also people with 3 middle names and who arent named cheyenne in the parking lot tend to forget maslow hammer is their biggest flaw. As stated we will draw further away from the humans and mundanes , out of sheer self defense and b/c it would be a waste to flip too soon.
  4. commanders log - stardate 1673347456 - reminder to self : dont waste too much time on this and even less on youtube comments, the goal is invisibility for anything xept the creations and if no one sees those they can just go down with the universe - avoid triffid infested zombies as well as mule-conditioned mundanes - nod and smile ... wait for the apocalypse to become undeniable - yesterday still a suit was explaining how there is nothing crashing, no crisis "coming" (what is this then?) and it will blow over - so they still believe they can alter reality by denying or ignoring it - WE still believe that wont work ...
  5. commanders log - stardate 1673347456 - so, the woman at the bank told old man addams he had a buy a new pc b/c self-banking worked at her desk ... and apparently as it turns out today numlock was off so no digits - - - thats only 1000 euros, goed voor de economy, okay, triffid infested zombies seem to permit themselves a lot, i would like to ask if she could be fired or else pay €1000 from her own money for pulling een bakkes like that to an elderly person ... guess not - so we had a good laugh then : "start een beleggingsplan" (in 2023) and "wordt zelfh-standegh" (in 2023) - that was lol at least (but afterwards we thought : maybe they werent trying to be funny)
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673401127, "they-who-dont-like-them-either" who seem to exist here and are certainly not the others, the shadows or pavlov gnome already said snood plan van drukkerland - and also new times the old same again like a zombie bumpercar complaining you get bruised and hit back. Nothing there - but it shows, even in thirdspace , yokai or maybe death, no trust like mutual self intrest. They continue to display behaviour of living in a painting thats slowly degrading, every triffid infested zombie in a sight radius from uphill so probably further. Funny thing though how they talk about them and say theyre 400 years behind https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/sumptuary-laws-puritan-fashion-colonies-modesty - but some say 800.
  2. commanders log - stardate 1673432588, its clear on their new calendar year they live by they still havent turned off pavlov gnome, its the same as always like that zombie bumper car hitting the same spot on your leg time after time asking "what does this do" and acting all kgozebellezei when you hammer it b/c that bruise hurts after 15 years. - As it said - it - its easy to see pavlov gnome, b/c it cant hide its face tho it looks really nauseating when it tries pretty girls. The rest is harder other than the fact that theyre definitely not the others and must be 'from around here' theyll just do the same poking too - and get the same method to get the same data from the same holes which gets them nothing as they use maslows loupe and maslows dataset after which they hammer the remaining glued-together eggshell with maslows hammer according to maslows mundane solutionset to fix that which wasnt broken in the first place long ago but now is fubar from all the fixing, until nothing remains but eggshelldust, so fine that one whiff of stinking zombie breath is enough to disperse it all over the place. Getting harder every time to reassemble into a semblance of what was b/c of the dwindling energy levels , stuck in a hole of kryptonite the ki doesnt replenish - this is the terminus - it must be what they wanted or they wouldnt have stuck me here in the place i loathe the most. Id continue dabbling on the electronics to prevent brainrot but the two parts i need conveniently broke from lying on the shelf or table in this house where no one ever dunnit - so maybe the poltergeists are stronger than they used to be or its aliens, otherwise someone at least one has the need to hide i didnt do it or simply doesnt see that moving delicate stuff around can break it ... whatever dunnit its broken, i dont have money to repair it - the soldering kit alone costs more than the combined parts and i dont have money for new parts so that can wait a month, maybe two - kinda hoping the recession kicks in so my motivation doesnt go down b/c they get the idea theyre gonnna make it again and get all cock-zomb-y again. Triffids - its hard to breathe if you dont get some humanfree air at night
  3. commanders log - stardate 1673437260, who do i have to fuck to get a 10 amp 48v breaker around here, €6 i have left - (about €30 for the month i think) " U kunt op dit moment geen artikelen bestellen In verband met een plotselinge griep uitbraak onder vrijwel al onze medewerkers zijn wij momenteel helaas gesloten. We hopen u over enkele dagen weer te kunnen helpen." - The definition of life - - - HOW the hell would i be preposterous enough to claim i have the universal definition of life - its "life as jim knows it, doc" - something that procreates and expands and on top evolves into a more efficient state against the entropy in the universe - (so in essence humans and sapients are more like undead rot than life b/c they certainly stopped evolving ... around the time they claimed sapience? ... basic knowledge on the catstar im an alien after all, a freak a mutant - kindergarten teachings like planets falling - if you dont then how is your spawn expected to make sense of the world around it - if you dont start with the basics like that ? they're quick enough on the uptake and slow down over time - entropy again - if they get that at the age of 2 its part of all their thinking but NO NO NO, these humans dont educate their spawn, they "produce" units for what they call the industry - very limited in scope usually and void of all free thinking - their schools seem to weed out thinking and promote swallowing - specialized one-time use disposable units - far from the definition of education i or we would come up with but HEY - if the world werent doing great like this we might just euh well we would like to continue but after that mental trimming it always takes a while to recover and always longer since broken eggs get more broken and it takes longer to get back into some kind of cohesive state every time it happens - turning off emotion helps but the danger is getting stuck in an absolute flatline, theres little creation coming from an absolute flatline and so ... we fear this round is done for so we see no reason to bother. But the triffids lurking to crawl up our proverbial arse are a total nuisance - very distracting and destabilizing and you cant even spray them with pesticide or shoot them b/c they have infiltrated all levels
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673498231, i dont know but it feels like they're using me as a test tube, i get a cold about every ten days since they're back in the house. Now that i spent nearly two hours in a room with two psychologists who agreed that im not method man the second going for an oscar and having me stable is the better option pavlov gnome, who they forgot to turn off in their year '23 , the first crumbling, doing what it did in their year '22 and all 10 before since they stuck me here (is that 15?) still on the train from 15 year ago, get over it GET A JOB ! (heh) ACT LIKE THIS TO PEOPLE, UNFORTUNATELY NORMAL PEOPLE DONT BLA THIS BLA THAT - same shit all over ... very unhealthy - if i get my mind for even 20 seconds without drukkerland passing through it, thinking about creating something it just pushes - stuck in the middle of IT its impossible to get over IT b/c IT is all around and also kryptonite - we assume we'll never get out of this hole in this life anymore but we feel we really should duke it to the end to watch them all fall off the planet. The least they can do to apologize, is die ...
  2. commanders log - stardate 1673532230 , pavlov gnome still going over the same impulse reaction set as it did from the start - i hope they never assume i assume i deleted it before they read it (why would i type all that if i do ?) - the obvious appearance after clear warning of the only one they can think of to poke into my head is very unlikely a coincidence - it wasnt even one of the shades and things that exist here which hinted at it ... well now - send a mail to a belgian webshop, get no reply or maybe in three weeks, mail to china, get reply in ten minutes. TOPMINISTER will have to make it impossible because thats unfair. (you really think they are like "o well lets try THAT again or just desperate and cant think of anything else?" - so they must think me - ah now its maslows glasses - they cant see beyond their own limitations in imagination HENCE i must be the conclusion of pavlovs gnome analysis based on data gathered from mundanes, HOME SAPIENTS NONETHELESS FOR THAT MATTER - we will let them believe whatever "dafuk" then and continue when possible to do what we do and otherwise just lie around on the floor b/c it doesnt really matter barring miracles
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673665234, yea sure i can see that but im not about to let the few hours of stabilizing night get wasted by interacting with humans who are not my harem - you should know all that and im done explaining. You dont get to complain because you stuck me here, killed my life, removed the future and blocked all exits. You get zero complain options. We WOULD be not in belgium anymore and possibly we would still be i.
  2. commanders log - stardate 1673699805, two weeks, it doesnt take much than some fast forwarded propagande-between-the lies to see everything as predicted. Covid mutates but kills lest on sight - humans stop losing the ability to discern left from right, not just manji symbols and german swastikas, braindamage will be clear when its too late - its elections, both free leaders prove they arent capable enough of not even getting caught with papers in their private house (...no comment...) and the sino-american tradewar for resources is on, AND the rest of the world pisspants out of tradition follows suit , after the americans dumping everyone at least 3 times in the last four years ... so since everything as predicted, we know where everything is going until proven otherwise. Our choices stuck in a hole made of kryptonite turn out still to be the best available option. Expect less human contact than before. Pavlov gnome crashes the pc the moment i want to write this. The usual - as always we assume our time spent with Alice and the others who were with us since birth makes it easier to see simplistic timelines but the more complex without Alice is past our braingrade - tho this one is not too hard to fathom. the free world is done for , the way this goes the arabs might come out on top as us-china drags the world with it and eu for some reason after biden and borisland flat out saying "we had you" still goes like "o but i have a suit!" - so we will refrain from commenting in the way possible which means as long as we dont find anyone up our ass uninvited (which is never b/C our ass is one-way traffic) when in speak as romans or they dont get it anyway
  3. 1673707500 , hm, i thought we already stated how silly it would be for them to assume we assume they dont read what we write b/c its hidden obfuscated or deleted. At least the 1e100 and OverSiri will if not the NSA - so i think they do this on purpose, by the time i sit at what goes for an electronics table (about 40x30cm ... and 20cm too low not to kill my back but well this is ... the future thne) its 4pm and time to start stopping or the body will be very cross ... i think were good tho, india does ... what does india do actually other than breaking down china and europe ? not clear ... i mean, i take the modi-jaishankar tandem very seriously and if i had to print my own t-shirt right now one side would say Vote Modi and the other viva XiPing - b/c at least they get shit done and look at the future just A LITTLE BIT - tho they're half stuck in the past too at least they tackle issues no one else touches .... china still on the "we need more population" train while it should be by all standard mathematics clear that NO ONE NEEDS MORE POPULATION , everyone needs less - europe is europe and murricans are paperwork, debt ceiling, gun violence (who woulda thunk) AND (you'd think floods and distaster but those are at 5th or 6th) :: UFO SIGHTINGS ... so maybe they came back to pick us up or else this more 20times covid coz covid dont hurt no one anymore. Indians cant make left from right literally - americans see UFOs everywhere and its elections ... europes GONNA GET ITS OWN ARMY, if thats not global psychosis i dont know what is. The tradewar just needs a spark now , im sure at black level (not african or oprah) its on for a year at least- for serious - and we stick to the point that : we have to get out of here to asia ,preferably mongolia before the age of 40 to sit it out or its gonna be too late, WELL, since that was our biggest fear we are living our nightmare for years now and thats it, no need to scare us, we are past our biggest fear and with no future comes nothing to be afraid of. You got the wrong number. ... i sure hope thats Horus or Bastet, Sakhmet or the Shining one come to pick me up and not frontal lobes missing due to 20 times covid. We have spoken and SO we got nothing done, what did you do today ? printed a recipe on a HP printer ! took about 2 hours and it still wont grayscale, probably made in america or something ... they sell you a printer for €5 then force a subscription for support and ink up yow ass b/c every time you turn it on it prints test pages... SOOOOOOOOO -maybe we can still put in one fuse and do one measurement then
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673796302, a clear act of sabotage - suddenly no screen, no nothing, nothing changed nothing touched - moving stuff around in this dump of a shack with 2m² space a hard drive gets lugged by a cable and the dock falls to the floor - 20 cm like the camera but just like the camera screen broke, the drive wont spin up. Thats okay its only a hundred dollar so we buy a new one (right? is what they say) sadly its a backup drive with at least 5 years of work and 20 yaers of fotos on it ... so how many human lives is that worth translated in sentimental value i wonder ... triffids - too much to be coincidence - so the rest boots up normal after that. Thats in two weeks vocore, pico psu, all from lying around, turns out one of the hdmi cables is bent ... from sitting in the slot ... fairly i havent touched it or i do wild dances in my sleep. THAT HARD DRIVE
    is a problem ... whats not to like, broke stuck in a hole in a dump shack with 2m² space. The rest of the machinery works as if nothings happened. But i doubt the drive will repair itself, and i doubt floorcrunching falls under warranty and even IF ... unless i can get my 5+20 years of data/work/memories back a new drive doesnt mean much. ..... THIS IS GATLAND, house rose white, its NORMAL for these things to happen while lying around and since dat is niet weirken, five years of work aint work - i feel even more sunny than usual now. So this is a good opportunity to practice nod and smile ... we will get even later ... when that day comes , if theres any left b/c they're doing a great job...amazed at my own frostyness i scare myself a little atm
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673827129, the triffids are dragging me out of my rythm again, maybe their cycle reset and they forgot all about the reality of things. Maybe they're actively trying to destroy me further or maybe it just wants attention with total disregard for my physical and mental health. The kids notions and ideas already were larie so i assume all ambitions we harbour since dat is niet voor een baas. It drags me out until one hour before waking then wakes me up 20 minutes before that. Eyes are burning, neck and back is cramped together - everything hurts. 40 minutes is enough for the body to recuperate zero and keep the mind dull. We'll drag ourselves through to stick to the only rythm that has proven to work against all triffids and their zombie-routines. In a few months there will be less left of us AND the body will have grown 3 months older stuck in hole with no way out. Then it takes months to get back in track - its been like that for "cantcount" years now. Time is a blob and every day is yesterday so the past wont go away until fixed, even less while stuck in the middle of it. Maybe some kind of drukkerland justice want dat was niet voor een baas so become the gotham joker as we push you to the edge ... I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE REASONS, ONLY THE EFFECTS ON WHAT GOES FOR LIFE HERE - combined with losing 5+20 years of work and memories i guess we best avoid as many and say as little as possible. The pain usually doesnt make for friendly and the lack of constructive occupationpasstime makes for a very hollow feeling - in the end it all comes down to hostile - its a neverending spiral since here , in hole made of kryptonite
  2. commanders log - stardate 1673829631, ofcourse, on top of that i come crawling back up the stairs and the cat threw up - now there's one i cant blame for being a triffid or doing it on purpose - something in his food to make him gets not excluded in rose-white though - we keep saying we'll never be able to trust anyone in gatland again. That too gives nice weather syndrome and /ignore - - - in this 2m² hole full of cables he found the two cables that still touch the floor (yea we smart like that, cables that dont touch the floor also gather 90% less dust or more) , the rest was on the bed (which is on the floor cuz money and more like we dont have money for a bed thats better for the back than the floor is. - So far we checked ... most say "go to an expert" (whatever that is if i look on youtube that means "everyone" ?) prices about 250 for soft to 500 for hard failure so make that 1000 to 1500 euros in gatland (with no warranty or money back) - the software + interface to do it costs about €13000 - so lets say thats not an option. The only chance seems to be the drive freaking back into spinning up or replacing the pcb. SO WHERE DOES APPLE SELLS PCB FOR BROKEN PHONE TO REPAIR AT HOME IN MURRICANS ? or western digital ? another hard drive then ? SURE ITS ONLY A HUNDRED DOLLAR AFTER ALL, DO YOU WANT ME TO KICK YOUR TEETH IN NOW OR LATER ? yea lets laundry, cant sleep in that ... maybe if i were a crackwhore like yo momma met zeven crackbabies op de ziekenkas in een gat (met een bakkes) - WE MEAN another hard drive, to dislodge the pcb and put it on the one with the data NUTBALL ... an empty one huh ? yea that will fix it ... but replacing it might, assuming its the pcb ... so we can wait another two months after those other two parts that broke from lying around are fixed or replaced
    in een gat
    wat een gat, eens een gat altijd een gat - everything hurts ...
  3. commanders log - stardate 1673868118, it probably looks like complacence and adapting to a triffid-infested zombie lifestyle on the outside but appearances is not really on our list of things to mind and if it keeps them further thats good. Pavlov gnome still takes up the space between sleep and waking where ideas are born and seems to have the idea that its a good space to insert subliminal messages. Being pavlov gnome in drukkerland-gatland its mostly threats ofcourse. Not paying too much attentio so its mostly background noise but that space is taken and no ideas grow there anymore so thats extra damage they induced and planted. Its mostly alike to "we will break you to make you love" or "we will take this or that to stimulate" - not understanding that it ended the day they stranded us in drukkerland with no way out. It never learns, a new of their calendar year it acts exactly the same as everyone of their years before so we'll assume its not going, it will end up as background noise like most of the place here but it does take away braincycles. Probably 90% is used to ward off the place subconsciously by now. Good thing we had some extra to start with or we'd be sitting in a chair by now, drooling waiting for a nurse to come feed us, catatonic until the end of days.
  4. commanders log - stardate 1673876304, pavlov gnome, its been re-acting lately as if it had a fresh boot but no machine can have an output more complex than itself so it must be born from idiots. Bringing us slowly back to life which to us translates as : "maslowhammer you to mush and maslowchiselyou to a rekt mule that only has one setting to nod "yes boss" - "to help them with their work" and 20 years later get nothing for it- 40 years later even less. YOU SEE ... the others, who were with the kid since birth - they have no human language - which makes pavlov gnome quite detectable and an obvious human construct as if theres been some time in a CIA brainwashing room we just can remember - including strange behaviour when its trying to push us to something we absolutely never would ourselves. The others would never have done that, they were always friendly or neutral with Alice standing out as a shining light and insights - and think of it, HOMO , you selfproclaimed sapients spend a lot of time shoving language up your spawns ass. Take a brain that has "unknown" capabilities but clearly constructed around pattern recognition (at least a good part of it) in a mega-meta way - you layer that with language which is culturally defined (and hence con- and restricted) and filter thoughts to it. So any of the same thought coming in a different culture / language has a different resonance to it once spoken . ITS ABSURD - the simplest i can think of off the hat is the lack of honorrific hierarchy in western language , at best you get "tu/vous" , "jij/u" two , in english its just "you" - most asian languages we encountered have a WHOLE streak of those to define your own position towards the person adressed or speaking about , (you define that b/C you are the speaker hence the one you use shows the position you consider yourself to have (publicly at the least) towards the second entity. No western simplic shit has that much. So imagine how much other differences in resonance you get on the same though once spoken. - WE HAVE SPOKEN ... we said to turn off pavlov gnome but its idiot creator probably still thinks it gets something out of it. So no complaining afterwards when the universe demands balance, because THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS DEMANDS BALANCE (and shes the boss)
  5. commanders log - stardate 1673884408, pavlov gnome, aaah "they want" .... it got through the background noise the moment we went out of focus when the sun set on the solar input and we had a micron-sec to think "o we are in drukkerland" - you see, they dont get to want - - - pavlov gnome .... you break our stuff then expect friendly - you smack us with your maslowhammer from the 1830s and expect compliance - you stick us in a hole and tell us "normal people dont do that" (we KNOW that, thats why we went away and kept going away and wanted out of gatland before 40 and LO AND BEHOLD, THE ORACLE WAS RIGHT ... you dont get to want anything, that all stopped the day you stuck us back here for the last time. Tell your master to stick you on something mundane that might actually be influenced and get something else but hostile, or just turn yourself off and tell THEM to jump off a cliff - the planet wont be sad for it. Cmdr Gato out - - - i can hear the triffids, something must be poking them b/c it didnt get what it wanted.
  6. commanders log - stardate 1673886672, that strange doglike thing they keep started barking 15 seconds after they left the door while i was sitting right there in the kitchen, it too sees shadows - its been living with cats a long time now , it even picked up the washing/grooming motions - thats a sight ... We're aware if we do this here pavlov gnome will pick up after the fact and try to make it more and then explain how to do it (properly) on something thats crotter - the usual , its about the complexity of the routine that handles the ghosts in pacman, which is probably about the level of its creator. It certainly is not the others and where i can get that most of what lives in ondergrond is shards of the first me (the kid maybe ... who is still there as an immortal ghost who will always be the kid and never afraid to try), pavlov gnome most certainly aint, and its as far away from the others (and the birdie as we called the oracle before) as humans would be from pure energy beings travelling through pierced holes living at the center of the universe and aware that we all exist only at the end of time b/c thats where we always are - its always the end of time , before what was isnt but its part of now, and what is coming isnt either this is always the last bit in a long string of bytes although its analogue so its resolution is infinity. Twas about Tesla, who frequents the bar in ondergrond ... well now and then , the man isnt really up for company most of the time, he TOO sees shadows and he TOO has the others with him so hes never alone and i can personally testify that the others tend to make for better company than humans (xept maybe harem-humans b/c thats one thing others wont provide) - - - o but it IS fine if its a free choice and consentual without fake drilling it IS , and thats what it is, freedom of choice ... Tesla who more often sits with Plato and Paracelsus and sometimes even Nostradamus (who wasnt half bad a doctor but SO woke and morally just he just experimented on himself and since , as by the words of paracelcus, that leads to unpredictable results. Tis to say, misconceptions tho we understand from Nikola himself it was the quest for free energy just like he actually didnt intend to create the anti-innovator , the forbidden fruit monopolizing control by using resonance over a distance - A STIRLING ENGINE - is a battery - it works by difference of potential until it reaches equilibrium just like a chemical one does until it reaches low difference there the thing is stirling engines (who are LIKE a generator but more a battery thats 100% rechargeable and runs until it reaches equilibrium (just like the differnece between terminals there reaches a certain point at which it stops pushing Elektra) mechanical in nature and not eternal since all matter is subject to the entropy at the core of the universe they would outlast batteries and have like zero toxic waste even if they were to disintegrate partly. I think ive seen it somewhere already but that might have been an in-theory paper, so you see, precious, and dearie - if we do this YOU get a migraine, we get an earful on how een dopper die geen neger is zonder een diplom en geld moet zwijgen want dat is niet voor een baas en pavlov gnome by order of its master will try to push more out of it. and we dont wanna b/C where do you get off thinking we OWE for you wrecking our life and blocking our future ? strange notion , are you from the tribe of "de baas" perhaps? WEll they dont often sit with the whole clique and jesus, buddha and muhammad at the great table but when they do and ishtar starts dancing its a party - - even einstein has a beer when she shows some leg. The man always was a horn dog - one of his less lauded traits tho schoppenhauer agrees ... tsk - - - humans ... VADE RETRO, leave the planet you got 20 years or you probably wont.and stop doing this thing where you crawl up our ass with unwanted advice and tell us how its done, WE GOT THE BLUEPRINT FROM THE THING THATS CHAINED TO A ROCK IN SPACe, WE KNOW HOW IT WORKS, YOU ... THEM ... ALL MUNDANES ARE NORMAL HENCE THEY SHOW THE SAME PATTERN, a revelation like infinity so please , find something else to harass we dont owe you for killing our future and blocking the exit....well we think we should pay THAT back tho .. but it seems you're doing a great job by thinking you can out-law the planet :) continue !
  7. commanders log - stardate 1673926182 , 4:30 am, its been pretty quiet or background noise and there it is again "THEY WANT YOU TO .. (connect?)" ... THEY DONT GET TO WANT TO ANYTHING, if they wanted something they should have asked 20 years ago or at the very last BEFORE they stuck me back here turned us into us and nailed us to a sinking ship to tell us what to do . WE TOLD YOU TO TURN IT OFF AND HARASS SOMEONE ELSE . whateve you wanted was over the day you stuck use here, including making suggestions, we been out threatened since the age of 15 and we hate this hole since about that same time - 2/3rds of the body's life that aint going to change. Unlike the others who were nothing but helpful all this thing goes is interrupt and get in the way so we can only assume you are THAT stupid or you do it on purpose, AS IF THERES SOMETHING LEFT TO HOLD BACk, we'll rot here in this shithole and thats it. Hopefully we see humanity fall before that. The night was clear - de baas van drukkerland seems to have decided to leave the streetlights off for now despite the SUPER decrease in energy prices (seeing in december is believing in december) - the sky is full of stars - we had another one shooting but we told it our wished havent changed, as we told the last 50 shooting stars (we get a lot of those lately) - so it seems the only one they grant is "the demise of humanity that fucked our life" - - -the rest doesnt seem to happen. SO TURN IT OFF, ITS IN THE WAY AND AGGRAVATING AND BEGETS NOTHING BUT HOSTILE
  1. commanders log - stardate 1673960128, if i had to mention every time pavlov gnome tries to interrupt id be doing nothing but that all day - moving from some kind of threat to some kind of guilt to some kind of return to start and do over in some kind of america meets van drukkerland in the 1950s when the CIA throws you in a pool you WILL swim type of nurture nature misinterpretation - probably something like "any reaction is a reaction" - but .. as our religion forbids us to say i told you so (or we would be doing nothing else either on top of all the rest we wouldnt be doing if we gave one breath of air to drukkerland gatland euramerica pavlov gnome groendal gatzjiek as malice calls it. On the energy trail - the thing holds all the converters and fans at 200 milliamps - add the imou cam it adds 200 milliamps and when the servos roll another 500 or so its not really exact but since electronics handles electrons we have considered it a branch of quantum mechanics since we learned that - after all no one really knows where any given electron is at any given point in spacetime (or do they ?) and all numbers are analogue rounded to 3 digits at best but probably ad infinitum to the point of pi (says it doesnt matter but who says it REALLY doesnt ? if the universe is analogue the resolution is infinity then the digital numbers dont matter since all of them are approximations.) Phone is 20% after charging full yesterday so we know what that means - add one vocore + screen should move another 500 milliamps out of it (not that these panels cant provide that, its just they have to be put somewhere no one in their right mind would spend 600 euro panels on b/C they get about 5% of potential maybe there - but well, a la belge comme a la belge, if baby-hamas doesnt play mini brussels and fucks it and the cops go "o well theres nothing we can do about that BUT IF YOU POKE AT THEM WELL GET YOU" the panels should be good 30 years from now (this body probably a bit less) so its not a real loss and we get to check microsystems - Thing is - as Tesla seems to focus on the resonance and the atom what WE observe is all around kinetic and radiation at macro-level that , even if entropy will get it in the end, outlasts a human lifetime - more like a generation , an era or actually a whole evolution of a species and its still moving. The moon rotates, in turn around the planet, tugging, moving whole oceans (and more probably if you were to check all of it thats atm beyond omega) : motion and friction, the earth spins on its axis , moving stuff as it does very likely : motion and friction, revolves around the sun, the sun likely tugs at it (or it wouldnt stay around it would it now ??? precious - ssshhhh dont do that, adults are talking) and radiates all kinds of stuff towards it, all planets fall around the sun all moons around their planets , some have rings of debris falling around it . NOW THATS A LOT OF MOTION, a lot of friction, a lot of radiation - - - - which all last at least the evolution of a species on this planet so safe to say it counts as gud batteries (at macro level) ... CUZ we are on "a microsystem that runs 24/7 without batteries ... cheating with capacitors isnt actually without batteries is it ... it would have to be a combo - but ... there's the thing, if nothing escapes entropy and loss of energy during transfer or transmutation then skynet cant exist by itself because robots need batteries and who's gonna turn the crank when it reaches equilibrium ???? hm ???? a system that can hold "a night" without batteries (OFFGRID OFCOURSE) at micro-level .... seems like the planets dont have issues doing it so is it a question of mass ? do i just need to revolve a few asteroids around the house to keep it going ? (well that would be a lot of motion, tugging and friction) or a a pile of stirling engines with some kind of heat storage that can be released when the sun sets ? combined with microturbines (and sadly dont live next to running water - running water is ofcourse the best since it runs (and it runs unless you get humans drying out the planet so bad the rhine dries out in which case you're fucked) ... leaves the question .. moonpanels .... theres fotons and theres voltage so it SHOULD ? be possible , no ? but without moon .... stirling engines ??? dont have those ... all these thoughts are lost on a dead planet full of suicidal self destructive vermin and if you come out with it one of them steals whatever they can use and sue you b/c you didnt have the money to patent ? sounds human ? okay than, 4weeks of snot, i think half my brain came out through my nose and its still not better - this is getting quite annoying ... SO ... tell pavlov gnome to STOP, STOP, just QUIT, the answer is NO, girlfriends exist only in Asia - you got the wrong number it was game over the day you stuck us here back in hole, its NO, NO, NO and NO
  1. commanders log - stardate --1674126267-(30*60), XOG 463 , sorry boy, but i can put engie stickers on a van too - anything that stands still in a street which is a dead end street in front of my door is auto-suspicious (its a dead-end street after all) add 3 years of stalking by jeremy de neger en de garbage pail kids in samenwerking met soepbaaleken en kozzen gatpolis(corrupt) as the 12yo mongrel lorazepam-gang met vuilnis is resistance and on top of that exploding cars and front doors in gatland en een land waar men de kinderen moet laten spelen van tante sidonia van gangsterken en baby-hamas en van brusselken ... I HAVE TO ASK if you lost your way or something .. thats all, humans have proven to be lying, very inreliable filth after all, time after time... o look at that, 30 minutes later no stardate - the cold is getting worse my heads getting even more stuck now 4 weeks later - ... but you cant be careful enough, especially in a hole of triffids like this where they peek over the hedge to see if you mowed the lawn so they cant report you to the soviets, jealous of their own shadow but free solar panels for everyone who didnt buy them, in een gat - im SO fucking sick i actually took sinutab, but thats just weirkenbollen since they dont heal anything. Actually over the last 40 years i found out most western medicine is aimed at WEIRKEN, its okay if you can weirken you dont have to heal first, you can heal while weirken. Its basically symptomatic treatment like the politics : forbid de jurgen facebook page and those 40000 people who liked it in 48hours are gone since you dont see them anymore. Tell sharia for belgium or blood and honour they are forbidden and its gone, it doesnt exist anymore (easy huh?) , take nen dafalgan, once the fever is below 39 you can weirken, the rest will fix itself... by observation wed pretty much say thats the way its done, so we must dissent. stardate 1674126267, man, mijn bakkes es dry ... i hope '23 sets them straight soon, some people obviously are SO ziekekas with de gratis roof and solar panels they dont know what to do with their time ... a bit o misery will set that straight away - GO ! you earned it, lasterbakkes - pffff i dont think today MIPS code videos will stick - my heads too sticky but mostly clogged. And the water is dry - im not sure if theres actual water in the bottle or if its just an illusion induced by too many years of stuck in a hole of kryptonite inhaling triffid-spores
  1. commanders log - stardate 1674174947, pavlov gnome tried a full assault again - the zombie bumper car in vol effekt, same shit, same routine - - - it seems to be made for 1950s guilt+threat educated backbones of society , not for alien mutants to which it is just interrupting background noise, like vermassen op een moped who always has another word repeating or mosquitos in the bedroom ... Had to confirm something, even with the foton cannons off at night the stars are more clear and you can see a LOOONG way further in the dark than you can with a foton bomb every 10 metres. But there were no more than before, they're just more visible and i saw over the houses no stars in the sky i noticed now , so i went down to cornrow and down the stairs of evil hill. And there it shows : all the main roads have the lights on. Gatland must be one of the few countries where humans cant lead their cars after dark. I remember in england as the boy there were no lights, not on highways, they just had reflectors in the road (talk about low-energy and low maintenance) so you could see the road for as far as the eye goes if you drive a car with lights ... and thats ... 30 years ago? Must be b/c they have the best education system in the world and everything gets sold to the bouw - the inner city gets empty, the outer rim gets built full and they shout from the rooftops china will get it for their housing bubble. So thats where the stars are : hidden, still hidden - you can see further from uphill tho - was it Galileo (a mutant definitely) who sent his assistant (you wonder how these people got those assistants right? thats basically b/c most of them wasnt born guttertrash, a bit like the money-500 of today has maybe like one guy who ever had to sleep on the floor before making his first $100 bill. To see how fast light travels he sent a guy to another hilltop - and i see now little doorbells in a long way that shine all the way up here (so it travels at the speed of light btw, minus resistance from not a theoretical vacuum which is probably negligible) - - THATS A BUMMER - no stars , well no MORE stars but the few that are visible are clear constellations now. SO , we'll have to wait until the planet really starts hitting, we expect this very summer a bit more surprises than last year (unless this is enough to fill the groundwater and the rhine wont dry) . As for the rest : no future, no way out, so very little stress and its a bit easier to hold back on the urge to wipe out all humans b/c they're wiping out themselves , albeit slowly, barring near-miracles theres only one way this goes - sadly that wont be extinction but definitely the end of the sumerian era - closer to Takeshi or Blade Runner , IF tek survives, after all , space-metal is used for more than shooting rockets into nowhere to make sure you launched more than the chinese did this year. - - - i bet it'll be a blazing summer again, now with geldj genoeg, naft genoeg, no more covid, no more ukraine (since football it seems ukraine is over) , so TOMORROWLAND ! - - - life is gud for the meek until that moving train hits you in the face.
  1. commanders log - stardate 1674270487, 5 weeks of snot, estimated 3 colds in a row - almost certainly guinea pig without consent. Bleeding headache ... now we see : "greed and competition, free markets and communism" - order from china : p&p $8 , full tracking , airmail 2 days from china to hole, several from hole to hole - order from the US : p&p $45 ... i bet the locals ask the topminister overthere to help them because "they cant compete" (and we wonder why) - send a mail to china asking about the product and delivery : 10 minutes (last time) to say "the same day" - mail to the US : ... in case of small fry : 24 hours or the same day, same for the dutch, mail to hole : if you're lucky get a reply in 3 weeks, but mostly not "we have no time" boy o boy those chinese and dutchees must be lazing around a lot to have SO much time to answer mails - they probably dont work a lot ... ask topminister to help out by forbidding the 11th commandment because "we cant compete" ... make sure restaurants gin fritten bakken. Soepbaaleken at 6 , vermassen op een moped spotted (met een bakkes) gatlawijt (van ver) kozzen gatpolis (corrupt) id almost welcome the coming narco state at least there will be less small fry claiming turf to harass grandma b/c the big boys will explain they shouldnt make that noise too much - WAT EEN GAT JONG? THATS WHY YOU WRECKED MY LIFE THE 7TH TIME AND STUCK ME BACK HERE JUST WHEN I WAS READY TO REBOOT AND START GETTING OUT OF HERE ? you cant have an example of someone who succeeded can you ? it might give the natives and the inbrees silly ideas - - - GAT
  2. commanders log - stardate 1674271549, .... that was not an invitation for discussion, also, how come i get the same 7fps on solace crafting as i get on Icarus - did someone disguise a gt70 as an rtx 3070 and charge €1000 for it perhaps ? also i see the "NEW" -70 fourthousand series NOW MAKES THE MOST of your 1440p monitor (which is cute b/c thats exactly what they said about the 3000) these sapiens WANT TO BE ripped off, des ? homer simpson gud for business - tell me again btw :: show me an object oriented machine and tell me again why people do python ? (because its like yo momma wiping yow-ass?) and complain A.I. gets better at coding than they are as the languages get more constrictive and leave no room for hacks or creativity ? HUMANS, FILTH, so better ask topminister to skew and falsify competing norms so you can blame it on god b/c the dutch DO answer their mails - WHAT A FUCKING HOLE - - - we have great hopes for the coming summer and even more for the next winter - this one got lucky - ... running 16 new nuke plants on dry rivers ? and instead of milennium norms making sure the whole continent is energy independent in less than 9 months ? can i say "lol" ? no b/c you will try to gank up and use the power of idiots in large numbers to make me look like the one whodunnit, right ? GAT - yea so : product : $80, shipping : $40 - the guy selling cant help that but a small indep doesnt have the luxury of waiting out a containerload so what does he do ? blame god ? or the chinese for having it possible while here and there its not ? Best example this year : the panel heater ... buy one : BAM next day here, postage ? €15 (for a 40-50kg package -the size of "a panel heater") , turns out the glass breaks from the heat - fabrik malfunction - mail the guy and say : "so how do we do this ? if i sent it back its €70 post cost" - "just send me a pic to confirm" - BAM next day a new one - NO EXTRA COST ... is that "unfair competition" then ? (well not to me as the client it isnt...) so topminister gets to kill international business b/c gov't makes it impossible to compete but the actual stores dont really TRY to either do they ? the guy who was gonna come fix the window two years ago still hasnt showed up ... (its probably not worth the money) im still waiting on a reply to the question on the LG panels that do 25% ambient light - its only been six months now - got 2 other ones from a store that only took 3 weeks to reply - ...p&p ? well how should i say this ... having it delived cost "the price of an extra panel" :) thats HOLE for ya - - - but topminister lost het op en ZWIJGEN want een dopper die geen neger is MOET ZWIJGEN - - - GAT
  1. commanders log - stardate 1674650856, ... keep me up at evening, up too late in morning, wake me up at past noon (personally it would be a lot better to skip the day and only have the darkness with as little humans as possible within a 10km radius) - - - pass the instructions on how to place a lock (as if i didnt know) but its with humans, ofwel ve te jennen ofwel ver te zeggen ik weet uk nog iet. Both option equal nod. Fix up adblock without as requested without saying do the leftover dishes as again but its 2pm and no eating - someone musta forgot lol. The bad part is i caught some noose, minister 10 miljoen is still playing topminister. The economy is booming with fake snow ! (geldj genoeg dus blijkbor) and the profile is "gangsterneger does bling bling, bling bla - stereotype rolemodel voor jeremy who is stupid enough to do armed robbery WHILE WEARING its gold treasure on its fingers - - - you cant say that in a woke era but my fiver is on gangsternigger and not too bright either. Which might point at ::(poverty brings misery brings displacement brings poverty brings crime):: if the less bright robbers get out in the "dont give a fuck im too gangster"-class thats dangerous. Better not go to the supermarket unarmed anymore.
  2. commanders log - stardate 1674655379, AST NO DE KLUJETEN ES EST GOE ZEGT , just like you did my life ? Ofcourse - so i said : it doesnt work and i said WAIT TIL TONIGHT, no avail and when it goes it goes TRY NOW, okay sure - and what do we get ? ALLES NO DE ZAK, GIL MENN DAG NO DE KLUJETEN. WE'll go get a new one (as if im ready clothed and showered to go out in the middle of humans. ... "YOU CANT, THE OLD LADY AINT HOME SHES GONNA STAND AT THE DOOR" ah okay - alles no de zak dus vijs skiejef slot deruit - I TOLD YOU TO WAIT AND I SAID IT DIDNT WORK it shouts inside my head but i know thats all no use ... SO THIS IS WHY YOU STUCK ME HERE instead of making decent money in a foreign country ? ? AND ON TO OF THAT soep baaleken, jeremy de neger en vermassen op een moped, klaksongmongool en knuppelken en tante sidonia en ofcourse kozzen gatpolis (corrupt) ??? INSTEAD OF MAKING MONEY ON MY OWN TURF AND TERMS? you do understand the universe demands balance, sooner or later it comes calling ? gud ... a mo vur af te wassen zemmen nog goed ee - KEM TWI KIR GEZEID DAT NI GOT .... so call the old lady and tell her to come home now (otherwise it will probably try to make me jump into the car in five minutes as if this is drillsergeant land from 40 years ago) "i cant reach her" ..... AAAH OKAAAAY ---- so we nod and smile and try not to punch a hole in the wall. THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING STOLE MY FUTURE FOR ? GATLAND ? GATZJIEK ? JEREMY DE NEGER, DE GROENDAL EN mantelzorg ????? i could have bought a fucking nursing home by now if you let me do ... thats okay, ill nod and smile and put bombs in front of the room when im not home. I DONT WANNA GO OUTSIDE, I SAID TO WAIT, I SAID IT DIDNT WORK - - mo vur af te wassen bek nog goed aja ...
  3. commanders log - stardate 1674659640, ... so this is where the religion tempts it to say I TOLD YOU SO TWO TIMES - and this is where we have to be strong in order to not fall to their level. If anyone puts the key in the lock as is. I un-bent the screw by hand with two pliers (b/c we dont have those clamp things or anything that might actually be handy) and put the old lock back in. Ofcourse since the screw was bent b/c "try again" and then "try again NOW instead of tonight" after saying it wont work with the other one you need to buy one and "ill try again tonight ( = when old lady addams is here to handle the comms) - no avail, forceful attempt, screw bent, lucky i still got it out or ... i dont know what a lockpicker comes at these days but it wont be 100 euros anymore. So the unbent screw holds the lock in place but rickety, anyone jamming the key in it (the last one, OFCOURSE ITS NEVER A PROBLEM UNTIL AN ACTUAL PORTION OF THE ROOF FALLS OFF, YOU DONT KNOW THE ADDAMSES DO YOU ? ONLY THEIR RESTAURANT FACE ?) might break it and guess whos gonna hear it b/c guess who was gonna switch the lock and HAD TO TRY NOW AND AGAIN .... so we hold back and dont say i told you so twice but you see. I cant take another ten years of this with every month getting worse. First of all i hate this hole since i was 15 and still one. Second i wanted out since i was in my twenties, this whole country is a rat trap moving to a refugee narco state that might give ghost town a run for the money in a dozen or two years. Third, the ambition (and most talent) was to run IT with a side of electronics in a country where business is possible. Never had ambition to be a housekeeper nurse - BECAUSE I CANT HANDLE THAT MENTALLY , on top of they broke us and most gatlanders (including the addamses and their babyboomer mind) only see "lazy" - so on top of jeremy de neger en DE groendal , baby hamas en kozzen gatpolis(corrupt), tante sidonia and other slander . I CANT TAKE THIS FOR ANOTHER TEN YEARS. im not suicidal so thats not gonna happen, but whatever comes of it : you get to complain to whoever stuck me here and blocked my future. I dont want your fucking compassion : 490 million will do (inflation - it started at €5000 all those years ago and went to 100 million past 40, and now we have inflation ... + extra damage ) ... its not a joke, yo, and also not a joke that I CANT TAKE THIS another ten years mentally, knowing what i CAN, and being where i AM, and knowing that was not my choice ? But well, we could refrain from saying i told you so twice, that means theres a little strength left and we arent turning into them yet. Its worth nothing but it counts for something. So whatever it is ? as long as im stuck here ? you got the wrong number, vraag het aan jeremy de neger en soep baaleken, zij zijn reik met een bakkes. Topminister lost het op en FUCK OFF (with a smile ofcourse)
  4. commanders log - stardate 1674661735, - actually if it werent too OTT id think the original screw was switched, its like 1cm short-ish and i didnt break anything off - see precious ... putting up a framebuffer to run a 4inch LCD/touch-screen on openwrt on a pc the size of 1cm³ aint rocket science but not for everyone either. IF a kid shows that it teaches itself to read before 1st grade and sits there watching that guy explain A(ap) N(oot) M(ies) it shows something, if a kid writes hello basic from a book by itself at the age of 8 or 9 after it read the lord of the rings in a few days it shows something. If that same kid starts thinking my grades are more important than me and sees it is so b/c suddenly you're scum it show something. So dearie, screwing a lock , if you cant go that distance id forget about the engineering mindset b/c thats not rocket science either. Drilling it out is probably more complicate but i dont have the drill so i couldnt even try. And worst there : they is part of the slander ... not the people who dumped the kid at grandparents b/c unwanted (un planned ?) and "no time gotta work" , the stranger the kid hid from when they came over to eat - the people for who kid was the best as an A+grade mantlepiece and a burden once it refused and suddenly no longer smart b/c smart = points. That shows something. People who you dont hear for years until they call you one of them tried to kill themselves after you take off on your own (well with two), people who kick you out with two days notice ... "where am i supposed to go?" "THATS NOT MY PROBLEM" "when" "WITHIN TWO DAYS" and dont look back or ask once, people who do thaT AGAIN, you dont hear or see no questions until out of duty b/c the social worker calls them from jail "hey , your family is here!" after YEARs, people who ask what is that place "its the appartment i just lived for three years" - - -- are part of the slander , playing the victim and forgetting that in salems lot everything you say moves around town until the circle is complete ... so their own friends told me, thinking they were helping by complaining to ME when they had me alone on how i should this and that, and those poor people and ho and ha, classic drukkerland boomerism , classic drukkerland. This is not the wailing since im not the banshee yet but how would you expect me to trust the walking dead and a compulsive liar who has severe OCD ? and did all that ? UHUH ?
    lasterland - gatland ... i take no responsibility for you sticking me here, i was doing fine almost again before you did and no one gets to expect anything from me. thing is im stuck in this dump so if i dont i get bothered by it too. BUT THATS THAT, no more belgium for EVER, thats final. this is not a debate - and i dont think, in all seriousness, i can handle THIS for another ten years... You can hardly say "you would never have been able to" ... can you ? unless you fake the facts - AH , okay i see , well there ... told you my privacy is not for sale...
  5. commanders log - stardate 1674663973, im not here to lament, dont get your hopes up. I bet your parasite A.I. processes every line typed everywhree anyway - i didnt give it the rights to my brain last time i checked. I need every joule of energy i have left to stay just level in this hole while jeremy de neger goes baby hamas met vuilnis is resistance en soep baaleken is de maan en pas op want anders, ni weirken ni eten mor gratis zonnepanelen voor de mensen die er geen kopen. GAT. since i was 15 but if i got outside before that i would have realized sooner I CANT EXIST HERE, this place is like my natural enemy, a hole made of kryptonite and im not even superman, go figure what it did to me. GAT ZJIEK - EVERY JOULE AVAILABLE TO STAY LEVEL. See, where im from, they dont let a butcher in the OR to do brain surgery b/c hed make a mess. They wont let a surgeon slice the rabbits neck either b/c bleeding carcasses and cutting them from the bone might not be the way of the brain scalpel but everybody knows that , that if you give a transistor radio to a master-guildsman of medieval europe he'll hammer it to bits ... --- so if you dont mind . Im past my batteries for today ... running on adrenaline is a VERY bad idea the last years - - - -VERY BAD
  1. commanders log - stardate 1674734289, so we fixed that lock undercover of the night with no one around and not much problems about it, which we should have done in the first place but its been trying to force us out of our working biorythm for about two weeks again now. Seems like today pavlov-gnome rebooted in the same zombie bumpercarmode starting out with classic "the fat man does it better than you"-ipsos motivation. It probably works in kindergarten for mundanes but it always feels like erpe-mere meets america in the 1950s , babyboomer 4 year old who doesnt really understand mens and corpus in an connection that needs to be in sync or 1950s fbi agents who think psychology is a load of crock and probably tell you to get over it and if you break their legs and say "now walk it off" they still dont get it. No idea what its trying to achieve other than supreme hostility. Our liquid shield against kinetic impacts is almost without ripples again but the core is burning hot as always. ... theres nothing to prove since they made sure life is going nowhere so we are in no hurry to get there. Insulting really wont help, threats even less but it doesnt get that and seems to have tantrums like an actual 4 year old not getting what it wants. ... erpe-mere meets america 1950, ah girlnextdoor ? the ratio, precious, she has that supermodel ratio - legs-hip / upper / arm with hand from shoulder down, / face and perfect hair for the package , HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT? o yea thats right, your species regurgitates and simulates awareness and emotion it doesnt really get anything but it can repeat a lot , thats why it can win at jeopardy and we dont. DES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. commanders log - stardate 1675082663, no thats just checking if maybe tante sidonia has convinced the mayor that its good voor de kinderen om gengsterken te spelen op een mooi plekje om te eten in the middle of een town-wide rattenploug - garbage pail kids . Hey beste buren ... heeft er nog iemand last gehad van garbage pail kids of baby hamas nadien ? Zo van moeterneuken toot toen, mefrouw tit want pas op vuil oer ik ga je dit en dat, rechts mag de kop afgekapt ik hep je atres aan de stad gegeven ???? buren weten van niets (but they told ME something else ... skurrd probably ) but its snoeien voor de baas ... Eh YO, de inflatie in belgie is voorbij sech, topminister lost het op ! Volgende week rijst en pasta weer 30cent ipv 60 , FEEST !
    you see : https://www.vbo-feb.be/actiedomeinen/economie--conjunctuur/inflatie/inflatie-bereikte-in-september-2022-een-nieuw-record-hoogste-peil-sinds-augustus-1975_2022-10-19/ a lot of numbers sayings its highest since 1975 in september last year and NOW its less - which is nice. A fine example on how they teach in politic-school "how to fool the plebs" ... see inflation is an incalculated number every year standard, its part of the system ... so saying in 1975 its was 12% while in 2022 september it was "only 11%" while every year it has gone up with "less than 12%" but more than normal but lets leave out that part ... So ... its a bit like saying if every interim lists the same job we have 50.000 vacant ones ... SO ... we will as always have no comment. Good to see they didnt invite new garbage-intifada (well its hard to avoid the noose stuck with people who by conditioning watch it daily for no apparent reason b/c its clear that the lies are the same as they were in 1980 ... GOOD DAN? "how to fool the plebs"- topminister lost het op ... you will see by the prices in the supermarket, ITS A PROMISE !
    HEY YO, i said i wont say anything , IF YOU STAY OUT OF MY ASS ... lost het maar op jongen, the supreme nation staat erboven tenslotte
  2. commanders log - stardate 1675085446, hmmm , no we wont be asking ourselves what kind of calculus they teach in elite poli - wo, fedex guy just arrived from california , well machelen more like WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THAT STUFF HUH ? well buy local i went to the butcher and the baker and said, got any more of dem 6502 chips ? and they said nah, fresh out but try next door they got lays ... you see the point? gud ... great miku and super pan, but no chips made in belgium and the ones lays sells ... they advertise it with "our packaging is now EVEN MORE BELGIAN" as if this is homer simpson land (but maybe it is by now after 20times covid) - were we saying ... what the calculus is they teach in l33t politicschools that says 30cents + 30 cents = 60 cents means 11% .. no questions asked (yea the general basket, ofcourse, thing is i know aldi tuna went from 99 cents to €1.20 BEFORE all this , which ... in the old days when we went to school somehow doesnt add up to 11% either but thats okay b/c that was BEFORE inflation(which they invented in ukraine last year) so what do WE know we dont even have a hischool degree. What we wanted to point out is , to mister and missus overthere who seem to live in disneyland outside gent perhaps ? a west-flanders aja ... well the streetview is different where topminister lives i heard - but thats strange b/c they KNOW SO MUCH about co-existing ... is actually "how serious do you " , well ask the french doc how serious you take a threat from a minor whos gonna give your address to the stat want regs mag doot en kop afgekapt or moeterneuken toot toen verkrachten en je huis afpranten? no offense in general ehj, the fedex guy was obviously not born from a belgian grandpa either but hes the fedex guy - he doesnt go around telling people verkrachtenhoer en kop afkappen ? "how serious" was we wanna say "ask that french doc" HOW SERIOUS ? back to the studio met tante sidonia en antifa (met master b/c skurd to show face) coming from "almost finished social work" to here id say i can understand your confusion - but its an observation from a corner in the shadows ... not everyone is waiting for the police-that-never-comes (except for de jo op een banksken on an anonymous call) and you want votes, right ? RIGHT ? ... right ... nah, anyone who reads THIS is either chatgpt who didnt read what it says on top of every rootpage on the whole site or superstalkers, like inspector zenigata and others who dont seem to have much to do if they have time for the likes of us here - i need to check if the thing from california arrived in a whole ... i dont think you can complain if you let the chinese build a whole new silk road on the back of countries you rekt with your 2008 and then complain if they dont like it that you sanction them while your biggest export market happens to be THEM - but hey - - - we dont interfere, but we need to be left alone, you have done all the damage we can take , we aint even shards anymore, we're like a cloud of dust that hangs together by sheer willpower. back to the studio, and leave it ... so if we can assemble that thing and feel in two years "hey lets design a board" in de categorie blijven leren - what factory locally do we go to here and say "hey print us some prototypes?" 10000000 ? nah like 10 or so and then we see if can go to 100 and 1000 ? anyone ? but we dont WANT rims we dont have a car
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675133229, hard to say with these skitzos who aint but on medication for delusions and paranoia for 25 years in the middle of triffid infested zombie territory where wifebeating zuipen is more or less the norm, nu ook met 50% imported wivebeating i suppose. I always assume it just wants attention, which in case of 4year olds is a bad idea to give in to, which is about the level tho i remember being different at the age of 4 ... Its posssible its about 250x250m youtube gangster turf where i accidentally passed by someones house whos car drives by this one every day without problem ... with these inbreeds you never know - i dont really wanna spend thought on it but ofcourse it takes away the night and having no no humans 24 hours is very bad for my mental state, whats left of it so its retard or intention, the only thing that matters is the impact on my life. Lets hope there's a nice disaster soon so they know their place in the world again.
  2. commanders log, stardate 1675134296, - - - yass, dearie, but big part of why i always hated and want(ed) WANT out of this hole is so as not to have to waste braincycles on kiddiboo and kindergarten bullshit, the fact that there's intent is clear in the air and thick like it would be to shinigami eyes. Im already using whatever i have left of the 1% i have left to give it attention RIGHT HERE, SEE ? the other 99% is as usual busy warding off the place , which it does 24/7 , that doesnt leave much of me to get anything done. BUT HEY ! JUST GET OVER IT EN EEN ECHTE MOUN ENZO ! the whole night is lost - and a shame too, no streetlights and the stars are out ... I SO FUCKING HATE THIS HOLE, my hatred is like human stupidity in a way that it seems to have no deepest endpoint, they always succeed in growing it further.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675298665, i feel it rushing up but in the dead of night, where the remainder of the spirits vaguely live and all the cars arent calling their masters its easy to suppress.... Do they have any idea what they cost me ? ANY INCLINATION as to the consequences, not just the life id be living now which, even at 5% or less of set goals ends up a comfy working class level, IN A PLACE I CHOSE TO LIVE where things are possible... stick me here at the end of entropy in terminus, gatland, drukkerland, in a hole dug for me with walls made of kryptonite. Het gatste gat ter wereld. I think the dogs doing demented too he certainly starts to show the behaviour. In x years ... xyears from now, when i have been used up for whatever mantelzorg en vur af te wasse zemmen nog goed...for me there will be NO ONE ... and i wont have money b/c you stuck me here and i couldnt move to a place where my head can breathe and make a little energy-barter (or that illusion you put in place of it) to stay comfortable and at least half-secure in a time like this if you werent born in disneyland and tell people "its ONLY a hundred dollar!" . What they actually costs me, not to mention the fact that its unlikely we'd be talking in royal plural as the shards drift apart and maybe even might have had the notion to help out instead of only wanting to help them one-way to hell like they all did us. GATLAND
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675429946, a south-american, italian-style kidnapping ... but with returned alive with all pieces still attached ? they said that was for 5-10 years from now so does that mean it wasnt the narcos. At any rate, once more "WE WANTED TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE AGE OF 40" and get affirmed on that at every twist and turn, but we wont anymore. On top of that barb wire and landmines, not even pepper spray is allowed. Not that we personally worry about the classic kidnapping of rich kids and daddies with villas (its not like we have money or anything) more about the hungry zombies they just let keep coming. Thats gud . No comment on that thing, i read the title last night and thought : i knew everything thats gonna say and the one thing it wont "there was an object the size of a small elephant floating at pedestrian speed AND WE DIDNT SEE IT COMING so we wont fire our own security b/c jesus ! but its a good excuse to pick one with china .... that part is coming too , and guess what happens when china turns the valve ? GUD, dont ask me anything i didnt wanna be here past 40. FUCK OFF
  2. commanders log, stardate 1675434408, -- dont, we have no comment on the matter - but if we are two presidential candidates who cant even keep a clean private house to the point where a mole plants documents in the living room (or im actually SO stupid i bring them home and put them on the salon ... you know, its possible) and a baby-elefant-sized object comes floating in at pedestrian speed like hypothetical jupiter lifeforms AND NO ONE SEES IT until its halfway over the country, id be sacking people left and right and putting up radards b/c HOW THE FUCK AM I GONNA SEE SOMETHING THAT MOVES AT ROCKET SPEED ? ... or maybe its like those dune(frank herbert, no idea if they used that in the movie) shields which you have to penetrate slow) - - and it strikes me again, HOW EXHAUSTING IT IS to be awake in drukkerland ... i could go back to bed, woke up at 11:30 (b/C the alarm went) dead tired and broken, sore, its 3:30pm now. In Venice i was like O ITS 4AM shower'n shave, by 5 sitting on the terrace with a little espresso and two still warm croissants watching the city wake up and by midnight still walking without yawning. Hence the comparison with cryptonite , even if none of us is superman (we have different powers), it weighs and incapacitates. ... anyway- if the kidnappings start now - then may megatoby save us all (lol .... lol in a gotham joker way, you know sir, mister Sir ? the gotham joker ALWAYS smiles, but never b/c its funny :) ...des , now leave me alone, you fucked my life stole my future and for some reason think you have the right to my brain and a private location thats yours located somewhere UP MY ASS?
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675471532, pavlov gnome keeps hogging the dream-to-wake space with some kind of suggestion as if its imitating chatgpt - its like bad titles come up with someone with zero inspiration and talent all the time - but thats only the moment on wake-up . Still feels like it thinks thats some kind of way to inject thought manipulation. As we check the mails ... the UN claims the hole in the atmosphere will heal itself (to 1980 standards , which i will assume means before that they didnt even notice b/C no one was watching) BY 2066 ... all by itself ! Then if you read further what the article says is "China and other evil asian non euramerican countries did that by being illegal (they say illegal, not illogical, unnatural, they say "illegal") so china dunnit. And then i think but 1% of the atmosphere went missing, 10 METERS ! ... and i google and cant find it and i think o this went the way the covid articles by ER-doctors on braindamage, vital organ scarring and frontal lobe(psychosis) consequences went : no counter-theses but simply removed. But its still there, only it says "400" metres is missing (guess when?) SINCE 1980 levels :) ... so it will fix itself to 1980 levels with 400meter thickness missing ... a naturally reasonable phenomenon just like a spot of oil spreading on water or similar, it falls into equilibrium (under its own weight and all those factors scientists can tell you about im sure and slowly closes but actually it gets thinner as it does so because theres matter gone, MORE than the usual bit per day. So we'll do the report off as anti-china propaganda b/c god save america and europe is the future :) AGAIN ... its about whodunnit, not how do we do it, heh, humans, they got 20 years to space no matter who dunnit and if its closing or not and if its simply getting into balance b/c the available matter re-positions itself. Its amazing how small their views are ... probably about 6 inch or what is that phone screen? DOA - a freak anomaly of nature : humans - selfdestructive, harmful scum. Contained to a corner in the backyard ... is THAT a freak accident too - if i were a hippie god or ancient alien hippie i might do it that way.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675558051, hmm, was it confucius ? kung-fu TZE, the non-woke guy who never bought his own booze and turned out to be one of the wiseguys of his species, who said "you'll get there in the end if you just keep going" only quitting is the only certain way to not and death is the only certainty in life thats so far 100% undeniable. (the last part is me ofcourse, another wiseguy whos greatly misunderstood and highly underappreciated. And its not like we have better to do other than spend 99% of remaining energy on warding off the place and hole they stuck us in for life here . DE VERGEETPUT, gravelpits drukkerland, "DE" groendal (nu ook met 50% imported fuckers from everywhere me ginn nougel vur on er gat te krabben, drou ottos on de veurdeur en elektrische steps van 2500 euro ver de kindjes, we can see why de Winter gets votes even if we dont (but we also dont the other side)) - The world just keeps going tho it doesnt seem to realize its going into its own hole which its been digging, the american empire was done for a decade or more ago for sure, probably before that, maybe already before iraq-for-oil. The separatists keep claiming the fight for equality by forcing re-separatism. They wont get the empire back by re-printing the dollar, and they should have realized they have to be americans, not black & white, like YESTERDAY because their blacks are as african as i here am. Its bullshit, like chatGPT ... but chatGPT aint bullshit anymore, teachers use it to teach, judges use it to judge, and openAI didnt make a secret from the fact that it INTENTIONALLY biased it to not reflect the real world by trying to remove all badspeak (eur-american western class badspeak) from it. They seem to be blind to all of it. Mel is right, upholding the prime directive as the picard on tv would was the right decision, they're in for a reset and no idea what comes after b/c all of it depends on what the reset holds , and on top of that the planet itself is having an auto-immune response AND standard entropy increased. Its a death trap here and we are stuck, seemingly forever this life. So whats to worry ? "we know" what the future brings then :: no uncertainties :)
  2. commanders log, stardate 1675596718, looking into quantum computers since something there eludes me : if one qubit is analogue and has infinite values whats the difference between a 20 and a 50 qubit computer and how do the qubits connect b/c fairly sure they dont run copper wires between them ... but now : if the earths core is slowing down then the magnetic field will be influenced somehow - is that part of the reason for the current global psychosis (on top of the covid-is-gone toxoplasmosis but everyone's snotty and frontal lobes are disintegrating (just look at the behaviour))
  3. commanders log, stardate 1675597014, o that was fairly fast, so the last guy didnt explain it right - its STILL a binary system and its STILL a digital system ... you have 2^n bits per n qubits so 1 qubit computer IS a ternary ? that seems like an awful lot of money per qualche morso in piu - hypercooled so you cant have one in the basement (and probably needs space metal so no available in a few generations) ... okay then ... pavlov gnome seems to be starting out with threats today ... something about "those guys who never come when you call b/c it isnt worth their time" ... not listening ... and again, impossible to explain b/C i dont hear voices but my own. The others are gone, and pavlov gnome is an obvious construct relating to this hole / 1950s and america !
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675773683, another fine example of "how the was was lost by itself through itself on itself in itself. Order 20 times from the evil empire of china ... uncle Xi took care of his little men by building the silk road ... no import taxes EVER ... order from our great allies : about 20% (i suppose) to pay for the suits giving tanks to ukraine and putting the neighbourhood full of imported people who will certainly not vote to the right. Now the guy in america SELLING, hes the victim too - bc if anyone can get the same shit in China then why wouldnt they ? Checked and double-checked, if thats not legit then i'll take my hat off to the best scam in ten years. Point remains - last time i ordered the fan from china + filter + remote, they sent THREE packages ... i mailed them they explained : small packages get through easier and DES , its the value, once you go over €150 or €120 there be tax, if they send twice €50 there very likely wont be (which makes sense) chinese have picked up on this, the dutch-chinese too. Our great allies fuck their little people just as much as the suits here do. So - our money is still on china they have the best position and the upper hand. If it werent for the construction madness and the old idea that more people = more money they might have an actual chance ... well its not about the money even if we dont have much to spare. Its about the money getting into the hands of the suits while i could have bought something else with it from someone who works for a living and gets money out of it.
  2. commanders log, stardate 1675769110, as our religion states : spare no one for thou hast not been spared when it was needed no one did and all the rest stood watching. as our religion states : hope is one of the gates to hell .... and you might think its not a thing but it is : "https://www.google.com/search?q=gatnegers" : " Pornoflieks op aanvraag: pornvideo's wat swartes lek. 'n Groot argief ...https://af.pornovkisku.com › soek · Vertaal deze pagina ... jong meisies fok met swarteskyk porn ebbehout lek poesKyk Negro lek gatNegers lek swart vroueDie neger lek goedgay swart man voete lek vernedering video." ... whos that there on the drive-by scooter met een bakkes zo groot van ver ... you know, what i see on giphy and tv is not what i hear from citizens , teachers and doctors alike irl ... but thats okay, its THEIR world, the odd inbreed who forgot i should be left alone doesnt have much of an impact other than confirming the grand stupidity and utter retardedness of the whole species
  3. - from the land that brought you "mongrels" and take them seriously b/c if they threaten to cut your head off you might end up like that french doc - THATS REAL, NOTHING-IST ABOUT IT. BEM ... so it got attention, its gonna have to do with that, if i didnt know any better the addamses are aware of an ongoing conspiracy by gatland met een gatverstand and actively try to keep me indoors today while i actually offered myself to get fresh icecream (i mean : CANT GO WITHOUT ICECREAM, RIGHT?) ... and yes , going over it, the chinese do take better care of their little salesforce ... i have seen several chinese companies offering insurance against import tax for like €1 or €2 (mainly b/c they're pretty sure there wont be any) and i have had on several occasions, THEY pay it for me since i took the insurance, lets see : €1 for the chinaman or €40 or €60 or €100 for the suit in europe ? ... THATS A TOUGH CHOICE ISNT IT ? as the end-client ... but dont tell the leaders they will just try to even it out by taxing everything more and make sure every package from €1 and up has to pay tax AND THE BEST PART ... DID YOU KNOW ? on import tax, YOU PAY VAT on top ???? i bet you didnt ... because you buy local , right ? ever checked where that stuff you buy local comes from, where the one who sold you bought it AND what the price is THEY pay, or if you bought it THERE ? i bet you didnt .... now FUCK OFF ... met je gsm van ver in een struik met een bakkes ... i bet the masterplan to make shoplifters pay on the spot will work great to save the pension fund and add more money to import MORE fuckers into the place .... i mean : its only natural shoplifters have money in their pockets to pay fines in case they get caught ... A TRUE MASTERPLAN ONCE MORE ... NOW FUCK OFF - every day is yesterday, you dont have to remind me of how inbred the place is. I REMEMBER EVERYTHING CLEARLY, in full 3d audio and vision, i can go stand in the middle of it its 360 degrees almost. ... i know, BUT WE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE NORMAL. so that makes us not-Jesus because it never goes away once it moves past a treshold and YOUR judge once told me "being stupid does not excuse you" (she said "not knowing the law ...etc...) same thing .. OKAY


    then fuck off... met je gatland en je gatverstand ... EN JE BAKKES (van ver achter tgat) - im not right , in your political sense, im just right about #stuff b/c it IS like that and what i hear from the mouths of your mundanes is not what i SEE in public displays ... i bet half of the teachers in the land are counting down to july already ... but they wont say that , in public ... OKAY, NOW FUCK OFF, NOT INTERESTED YOU COULDA LET US DO WE WOULDNT BE HERE, WE WOULD BE SOMEWHERE ELSE, so stay out of our life and BE SOMEWHERE ELSE, met je bakkes en je gatland en je gatverstand .... in de hoop u hiermee voldoende te hebben geinformeerd (o yea dont ask for money to aid the earthquake victims, my humanitarian aid-budget for the year just went to a suit somewhere on import taxes for ... well a really small package you cant possibly buy ANYWHERE here really ...
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675821110, ... i fear this is abou the last time ill react about it. Zombies in the living room, coughing and hacking til 4am with no heat on , no music, just sitting there. Some other nazis 'forgot' to turn off the prison-lights and light the whole hood (elletrik genoeg aja). Its standard (even for humans) psychology that if a 4 year old keeps kicking the table to get attention you dont give it any, you send it to bed or something or youll never see the end of it. In better days you would whack it over the head (wether thats sarcasm or not stays in the middle and fuck you bitch) and be done with it but actually that way you also give it attention. Humans are a weird, filthy piece of dysfunctional genetic trash that shouldnt be. It might pick up on it as a means of getting it either ... thats first year or maybe hi-school level psychology actually tho they phrase it differently ofcourse. Nazi psychology tends to revolve more around "curing" introvert and turning bright, quiet kids into less quiet kids who dont wanna be bright for others anymore or "throw it in the pool it will learn" ... hippies do differently, in the end simple mundanes are divided halfway and it shows. So this charade here ... at 4yo-level , one says BLO like the kids amongts themselves but thats another bad word by now and i wouldnt wanna insult the kids who are there b/c they have no choice, only the ones who act it and do have one (99% of drukkerland, combined with wivebeating alcoholics, JUST CHECK THE STATISTICS OF THE HOLE) ... we'll assume this is something about "me not getting my way" and ask ourselves "what part of being stuck in a hole full of inbreeds with no future and all exits blocked is possibley -getting my way- ? " but that again is too much. It tries to bring my world down to 250x250meter where bakkes and parking ticket van ver in een struik met een gsm is gangster en vuilnis is resistance. I can only say, and i DONT wanna give it any more attention, its had enough, TOO MUCH even, i can only say : YOU stuck me here : ni zougen achteraf ast mislupt :) DJA ... got #stuff to do. I hope they let my package sent from our great allies in the west through in one piece, its a bit costly bc you stuck me here and no way out no money. HAVE YOU FUCKED OFF YET ? we suggest jumping off a cliff (collectively) into the ocean, then most of the plastic and the fake is together in a huge recycling vat and the planet can come to balance faster while the rest of us has a fighting chance ... thats it.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1675988504, the oracle, our version for the commander does the teachings of Alice was right AGAIN - the layoffs are here, the timing almost right too - its not birdie- its light years from Alice, but the construct by the name of pavlov gnome always has the same face , it seems to think it can alter the future by inserting wishful versions of the present that arent, it stands out like an infected neon light. Here are the layoffs, wether your buik is vol van of niet. Everything is as predicted, so far ... the rest will see then.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1676118655, had the audacity to go outside and check the mail in broad daylight and then walk up to each corner of the street sniffing some human-infested air (it reeks in thirdspace of humans by day, ALWAYS HERE) .. so i wonder how many huge axes i was swinging naked by the time it comes back to me. ... learned from the batman : mundanes cant lie, wait for the echo - ... they cant help it, they always do that blabberthing in a place like salems lot, in samenwerking met kozzen gatpolis often, sometimes to hide HIS or HER involvement or knowledge of stuff they shouldnt know and in het kader van connecting with the people singling the weird one out as you would in high or elementary school if you're not the sharpest (because thats the wierdo, right?) gud ... there's already enough trash and wrapper that pigeons sit on the street picking ... last summer there was a rat plague, if the pigeons find enough trash when its freezing to sit in the middle of the street in hole ... its gonne be EVEN better ... last summer after the fair was over it was like a biblical exodus in one day, they were like "coming through" for like an hour from left to right through the garden (actual rats, not metaforical human filth) ..... so anyway , YAY ! gatland ! keep in mind we never wanted to be here in the first place, you can blame whoever stuck us here with proof the mysteriously appearing passport that flew 25km into a mailbox after not having been here for months. AND registered THERE for years ... SO FUCK YOU (and also off, thx) ni zougen achteraf asge weer achterlek gotj doen aja
  1. commanders log, stardate 1676419926, ignoring all the standard bullshit and incessant pavlov gnome threat-to-suggestion like broken chatGPT from the future - now i have a name for it : the A.I. that never learns and keeps crawling up your ass. ... one thing, quit smoking years ago, since the first cable i got to get some electronics down havent had half a beer, thats about six months now, and NOW : my blood test needs de-fatting ... ???!???? dafuk , i mean the kitchen isnt light when the addamses are here but i dont more, i eat the usual and no smoke no drink ... so dafuk ? Its the addams family ofcourse, you never know here what they'll do to try and make the world look the way it should (in their 1950s mind) ... two people who kicked me out without looking back or asking even once , two people who owned a house in france for 10 years without telling me until my aunt spoke about it and spilled the beans (she didnt know they didnt tell me , and probably didnt suspect b/c WHO THE FUCK WOULD DO THAT. One compulsive liar to make sure its not her fault, one zombie-like walking dead who assumes all money is his given right and has been on anti-psychotis for 30 years while the doc told him its to sleep (or else he very likely wouldnt take them b/C real men get over it ... ASSUMING its not een snood plan van drukkerland van meer dan 2 personen to get me "outside en onder de mensen" after 15 years of gatland en DE groendal (nu ook met een neger en wat vuilnis in samenwerking met kozzen gatpolis, soep baaleken, tante sidonia en nonkel lorazepam voor de kindjes voor te spelen ... BECAUSE THAT WOULD OFCOURSE be fucking stupid and as always lead to MORE trouble ... but for now we'll assume theres a few people left with enough intelligence to understand at least that much. It seems those psychologists did after four years of papermill and making it worse. ... the futures looking bright, the bets stay on china and the arabs, and the rest "might survive" but here its over, and the empire is dead. No future, one cat left ... just going to the baker seeing this hole in broadlight already gets me the proverbial urge to murder the whole town thats so much responsible for fucking my life since 15 ... but hey : keep smiling , assepoester lost het op , 40 minutes cleaning for 5 minutes eating, de tuinman die krijgt geld want dat is weirken ! no thanks , no thanks you spent your savings to bring down the bill another 4000watthours after you downed it by 10before with good insight but we wont let you do anything to the house until we're dead (is that an addams thing to say) unless ofcourse you have scrap from de baas and can pay someoone to do it ! ... FUCK THIS HOLE .... stay away from me, im not gonna get friendlier, BUT ILL BE SMILING, so is the gotham joker.
  2. commanders log, stardate 1676422874, well yesterday noose-day made pretty clear the russians are losing so bad they are withdrawing all the way to Sudan to put up a new naval base . With what money ? well , with money from the sanctions , dearie. Dont think about it, you'll get a migraine, just remember : topminister lost het op. Professor lives in disneyland : building codes for syria and turkey ... how nice life must be in disneyland. Everything so shiney you dont see past the streetcorner (a bit like when the streetlights are on here only theres no pink unicorns pissing money) , maslows hammer and platos cave. opgelost ! 1.3 trillion for africa : slums, china buys it (west MinasTirith(which is actually morgul) calls it debt traps and russia puts military money into it . Its clearly warming up for the first act. Dont call me, you could have asked 20 years ago. All i have is one cat left and tenton vendettas.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1676571335, if i were to give it any id say its pavlov gnome reset met grote generaal en de nazis to restart the "lets settle in gatland after a lobotomy" sequence. At the dawn of the apocalypse, whatever shape it takes, it seems unavoidable at any rate, locked, blocked, years of slander and stalking, lies, everything taken and all exits closed. Mention the house : no response, say one word about where i would have been and what i would have done "SNEER, buitelands bedrijf en een secretaresse da es niet weirken!"
    Mja dus wa moe KIK dor on doen ? Elder liches, zombies, boomers who spend the last money, getting ready for a future where in 10 - 15 years, with luck i'll be using a ricecooker directed to some loose solar panels in the garden. No more natural gas to heat b/c no money and a budget meter for electricity (thats assuming its not a cardboard box b/c they sold the shack) - ... pavlov gnome, the A.I. that never learns. Stuck in a hole i hate since i was 15 and someone else ... ? How would that help by sticking me here for 10+ years and having to take shit up the ass ? I used to be amazed at the limitless stupidity. Now im flat, but i can feel the rage waiting. Inside, like a volcano waiting to erupt. A crack in the earth waiting to open or
    who knows ... its just me and the cat, there's no one else to trust, everyone lies, and the rest ignores. The world is crumbling and heading for a war, if not a shooting one, then certainly soviet store scenes. I wont get out of here this lifetime but Assepoester lost het op ... nu ook met geen bier sinds september (and some retards thinking o alcoholic reformed ... not "stuck in 2m² with sensitive electronics") , no more candy, cookies, chocolate and maybe soon no more eating hahah - - - cheap solutions to your mantelzorg, want ja "WA GOJJE DOEN AJA" .. :) allow me to practice my gotham joker smile. I dont despair dearie, im past that dimension. YOU pushed me through it
    several times, just like im immune to dopamine because you made that so ... i just hope that doesnt beget parkinsons like my uncle, some debilitating terminal disease after 15 years of hole and slander would certainly be the piece de resistance. I keep thinking : "how can i possibly find ways to avoid humans MORE" . by now they ALL make me sick , with their little thoughts above their big heads and their BULLLLSHIIT
  2. commanders log, stardate 1676587425, clearly een snood plan van drukkerland , sleep deprivation and all, the same routine, AGAIN ... i agree with this : no you cant trust a caged, cornered wounded animal not to attack, but you can actually only blame the captors and the ones who keep it there. You cant trust someone stuck in hostile territory to trust until its clear who all is responsible. These things should be self-evident. Stuck with a compulsive liar with ocd and borderline autism and a skitzo who's on anti-psychotics for 30 years, waanvoorstelling morning til evening and sleeping in between, live like a zombie doesnt move. Drink in secret and every night (which is fine xept the secret) always kept most of the money to himself and was a home tyrant met een small bakkes tegen deurweirders which is why someone was left with settlements that couldnt be paid off with 4 jobs ... and then the guilt gets turned to look good, and i get scowled at by "the friends" who cant keep their mouth shut and actually literally tell me what their version is. HOW WOULD YOU EXPECT THAT TO TURN INTO TRUST ? wont even reassure me the house will be mine, wont ANYTHING flight behaviour and thats that. End of days - my expectation IS using a rice cooker with solar panels and a budget meter OR a cardboard box b/c they sold off the house already. Just like they lied 10+ years about having a house in france. They just went there on holiday and rented it.
    SO FUCK OFF ... you can get a gotham joker smile thats it ... no way out no money no options ... if you DID something to me, maybe you should be scared, thats actually not unreasonable .
    dozo , estje na ze verstand kwijt? 1950s skitzos, thats where you dump me, in a hole i could never fit with 4year old demented hammering maslows hammer on my head because THIS TIME IT WILL WORK.
  1. commanders log, stardate 1676896519, last night, a clear example of gatland-drukkerland and how pavlov gnome is a linear stuck construct born from a linear stuck master, as far away from me or any facets inhere as could possibly be, clearly human, 1950s internet educated euramerican van erpe-mere. Keeping me awake during sleep cycle to the point where i get openly hostile b/c the infections well up again like crohns little stress covide from the fingertips up over the shoulder to the temple in the forehead, right side clogged, migraine, tired, get nothing done during wake hours openly hostile because DATING and DO THIS NOW ... after 15 years of not working THIS TIME IT WILL WORK. Apparently the lobotomy failed for the 15*364th time and it doesnt. BECAUSE WE CANT EXIST HERE but it never learns, its like triffid infested zombies, a symbol of how this place completely wrecked our future and broke us into 60 pieces, stuck us here , EN DAN NU ! ERPE MERE ... gatzjiëk , its been since BEFORE 2006 when i was still living there i didnt go to ratcity fair anymore and face it today, 25 rats, the only reason to do so would be as the ghostface killa ... and since we vowed to all our gods and demons no more socialize until out of here with cats and money (adn repeat it every day it tries it) it should know by now that THIS TIME ITS (NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT) gonna work AGAIN. Wouldnt touch een belzewijf with surgical gloves with a 20 foot pole wearing a biohazard suit anymore, black white brown , no discrimination, if its touched by belgium its corrupted. SO IT KEEPS US AWAKE and we lose another night as we lost another day and this today on gatland, drukkerland, GATZJIEK en gatmongolen.